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Spinach app Dice will go online with the new game. On January 11th, a beta version of the game Roulette was released. At the end of February, Texas Poker, which players can play against each other, was released. Finally, Dice.

According to DAppTotal, the top 10 DApps for CPU resource consumption on EOS on January 20 were: Dice, Poker EOS, Gemcity, EOSABC, Endless Game, Fastwin, Trust Dice, EOS Max, BIG GAME, EOSBet. Dice CPU consumption, ranked No. 1, reached 2,544,266 ms, accounting for 29.50% of the total CPU consumption of the network, top 10 DApps consumed CPU accounted for 71.75% of the network's CPU resources

DOGE (-22.62%)

Game, Fastwin, Royal Online Vegas, EOS Knights, Trust Dice, EOSBet, EOS Max.

DogE trading volumes have almost all exceeded BCH's in the past three months, peaking at 42,727 DOGE transactions on June 18, according to bitinfocharts, while BCH has only 13,355.

Waves blockchain platform releases new smart contract game Dice Roller. Dice.

Playing Bitcoin Dice game is a fun and good way not to involve skills or effort. Because the entire game can end in seconds, players don't have to spend a lot of time. This makes playing Bitcoin Dice on the go very attractive, and fortunately the casinos listed above are all suitable for mobile devices. In addition, bets and odds can be modified to suit the player's own financial situation, which means that Hawker can enjoy bitcoin dice games like other conservative players.

DOGE (-42.94%)

DOGE/USDT rose 73 percent to $0.005083.

According to the official website announcement, BTMX (BitMax.io) exchange will be launched at 22:00 Beijing time on October 14 (today) Doggecoin (DOGE) and open trading market: DOGE/USDT, DOGE/BTC.

The first dice game based on a non-Turing complete smart contract has been launched on the waves blockchain.

In addition, different game bookmakers will have different advantages, and players betting with EBTC and EUSD will also receive DICE.

EOS Jacks, Dice, Auction, Jackson. Roll to the rule mine, innovative decentralized game platform, autonomous ecosystem and community.

Although DICE is not only suitable for the poor, big companies like Apple can enter the game and become DICE operators. They bring in millions of people who are loyal to their products.

Newcomers may not have heard of it, but Satoshi Dice, the ancestor of the previously hot DAP "This Dice," was a hit. At that time, more than half of the transactions on the Bitcoin chain were playing the game, and by analogy, the those who followed should only be obsessed with the cat comparable to the phenomenon-level game.

So many tweets about encryption suggest that Elon Musk is interested in the industry. That's his response to DOGE in early 2019, in response to an April Fool's Day poll that led him to be chosen as a potential CEO of DOGE.

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