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why do i want dogecoin to be real, You want Dogecoin to Moon? REAL TALK HERE (Part 2)

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Next I'm going to be my own private equity fund. Why do I want to do private equity, because I found that if you are a part-time worker, talk to the boss condition is impossible to succeed, the real success of the condition is that you also become the boss, you also become the capital, you can talk about success, because I can not bear to look up to someone to talk about the conditions, so it is too humiliating to earn money.

Big brother: Ah? You read so many books, why do you want to spend time at school? I didn't think you'd be so out of breath, alas, you're far worse than I was then.

That like these users are completely not ready to really embrace it's ready, he may be in pursuit of speculation, for example, I this time into this currency I want to stir up, then I recently want to transfer a coin to the coin above I want to do a transaction, find out why half a day less than the account, a look found that I turned wrong or my address may be wrong or I did not write Memo, probably for many reasons.

why do i want dogecoin to be real

"If we really want to, then we can be completely centralized," Zuckerberg was quoted as saying in the Forbes blockchain article. I was thinking, the real question is, do we really need it? "Why is Amazon or Wal-Mart, Facebook or Apple all trying to develop a centered app?" Aren't their products enough for users now?

I would like to say what is mov and why we mov want to do a defi ecology.

He smiled and said: You say I'm tall, say I'm stupid. I don't want to do (exchanges) for money. I just want this industry to be the source of the real, not important who made it in the end. "

Suddenly realized is that I really do not want to be recorded, confused is why there is what I said, not after the APP appeared related push?

Many people like to be bosses, but they are small bosses, and bosses don't always do much. Why do not do much, I think to a certain extent, enterprises want to become bigger and stronger, the boss's consciousness must go to a new level.

Why does such an association occur? Because we are now all identity is based on people, that is, I go to do a calling card, I want real name authentication, I want to do bank card to real name authentication, and blockchain identity system is born based on public and private drug system, all future systems will have blockchain identity. It's a metaphor for opening your head.

Every time you're in the crowd, you have to be tortured inside: Who am I? What do I want to do? Do I have anything to love? Does that have to be done through Guangzhou Line 3? Will I not actually have any ability to work at all? Otherwise why work for a few years to let oneself live this life?

"If we want, we can fully centralize authentication. I think the real question is, do you really want that? Mark Zuckerberg.

I have a lot of infrastructure. Why do I want to be a miner?

I have a very good entrepreneurial friend, Yunnan people, great achievements are also very realm, he smokes a lot. One time I said, why do you smoke so much? Quit it. He doesn't talk, I said you can't quit! He said I didn't want to quit, I want to open, want to smoke it, life is so live.

Why do I need validation? Figure: The attacker launched 51% of the attacks, and we want the network to reject this invalid chain.

I know that, and that's why I want to do an interview and document your party. It's time for someone to make a real political idea. So, what are your plans for the future of the party? Maybe like the Pirate Party? They are now active in most parts of Europe.

Now it seems wiser to be a smart person and do some circumvention as the trend moves down. But I still want to obsessively do a little quibbling, the reason why did not choose the high clearance, there are several reasons.

While explaining why I don't have a cold with Libra, I do want to highlight some of the more interesting aspects of this project.

Use the Dogecoin cryptocurrencies blockchain browser to dynamically generate its C2 domain in real time.

So Chinese more willing to get involved. "In northern Europe, for example, very few people do that and they say, 'Why do I want to be a part of this, I have everything'. "

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